Virtual Services

Virtual Services

If you’re worried about transportation, have health concerns, or are unable to come to our office in-person, let us know! All of our services are available digitally (via computer or phone). Simply make an appointment and we’ll walk you through the rest. A functioning computer or phone with reliable internet access are necessary for receiving services virtually.


  • Pregnancy Decision Counseling

    Processing and exploring emotions, desires, and needs related to the pregnancy and identifying outside pressures.

  • Education on Pregnancy, Abortion, & Birth

    Education regarding pregnancy outcomes and information about local options, policies, and resources.

  • Adoption Exploration & Navigation

    Navigation of local adoption resources; guidance on the adoption process; ongoing check-ins to confirm confidence in the decision to continue with an adoption; customized creation of birth/hospital plan; ongoing mediation with all parties involved (legal,social service, and medical personnel, family members, partner, etc).

  • Client Advocacy & Social Services Coordination

    Finding and coordinating resources and solutions based on practical needs, and ongoing help with appointments, paperwork, and contacting local agencies.

  • Medical Care Coordination & Referrals

    Finding and contacting medical providers, and ongoing help with appointments, paperwork, and intake processes.

  • Teen Pregnancy Counseling & Support

    Processing and exploring emotions, desires, and needs related to the pregnancy; identifying outside pressures; education on local options; help connecting to resources available for pregnant minors; and ongoing mediation with parent(s), teacher(s), counselor(s), and/or partner.

  • Family Mediation (with partner, parents, etc.)

    Helping to guide healthy and helpful communication with those involved in the decision process, or who represent part of support system.

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We look forward to meeting you, and we will contact you soon. If you do not hear back within two business days, please call us at 315.801.CARE.

What to Expect

After you have submitted your appointment request, we will reach out to you with a Zoom link as well as a link to fill out an online intake form. (Before your session, please make sure you have completed the intake form and downloaded the Zoom app to your device.) At the time of your appointment, we recommend that you choose a private location with minimal distractions. If you need any assistance with this process, reach out to us and one of our client advocates will walk you through it! 

We will also send you a reminder 24 hours prior to the time of your appointment. 


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