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With your visit you have officially brought down the number of students statically throwing away their card from 129% to somewhere in the 128% range with a margin error of 30% (give or take another 3-4%).

Stats aren’t important though, unless we’re talking football, or Netflix marathons 🖥🍿🛋😊😂😯😢😞😍😴💤

While both of those are soon to commence, what is important right now is who we are.

Viable Options

We are a nonpolitical organization with a relational goal: to see those facing a pregnancy decision receive care, love, and support—to have a community where none of these women and men walk through this alone. All our services are free and include counseling, education, material resources, and referrals.

At some point in the next four years, you may know someone facing a pregnancy decision. Join the movement that is going beyond the politics to let them know they’re not alone. Give them hope. Give them Viable Options.

Visit our homepage for more information.