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First Responder Video Series

"The Third Choice® training offers a fresh, unbiased, and visionary perspective on issues concerning unplanned pregnancy. If you're a human, you should take it!” — Ethan, SUNY Potsdam

“The First Responder Training was extremely useful and the content was applicable to many other topics. I think all RAs should go through this training because it was so useful and beneficial.” — Resident Assistant, Clarkson University

"The Third Choice® training completely changed my perspective on how we talk about women facing pregnancy decisions. Viable Options is beginning a new conversation about pregnancy care that is so very important." — Ellie, SUNY Potsdam

"The Viable Options training empowered me to recognize and serve the needs of people in my community. I am now better prepared to play an active role as an advocate in the lives of those around me by listening to them, valuing them, and seeking to serve them." — Alexis, SUNY Potsdam Alumna

Get Educated

First Responder Training

The First Responder training course provides practical steps for restoring ownership to the person facing a pregnancy decision and connecting them to solutions for their needs.

Topics include:

  • Creating a safe environment
  • Active listening
  • Healthy communication
  • Identifying needs
  • Exploring resources
  • Making connections

Sign up for a scheduled training or reach out to us to find out how you can bring this course to your campus. 

To find out if this training is already available at your university, contact your Residence Life department.

The Third Choice® Training

The Third Choice® Training provides principles for transcending politics to meet the physical, mental, emotional, and relational needs of those facing pregnancy decisions. 

Topics include:

  • Navigating biases
  • Pregnancy Decision Distress
  • Healthy communication
  • Fostering relational supports
  • Identifying needs & solutions
  • Becoming an advocate

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Our Services

All of our services are provided free of cost through the generous support of our community.


  • Pregnancy Decision Counseling

    • Providing a safe place where women and their partners can freely process their thoughts, emotions, needs, and desires
    • Helping to identify the most pressing obstacles and pressures in their lives (i.e., education/career, financial difficulties, family dysfunction, relationship issues, substance abuse, housing needs, etc.)
    • Exploring each potential outcome (parenting, abortion, adoption) in light of their values, present circumstances, and future hopes
    • Identifying the beliefs most important to them in order to empower a values-based decision, while also exploring potential pressures causing additional confusion or distress (i.e., pressure from religious community, feelings of shame, fear of being judged, etc.)
  • Education on Pregnancy, Abortion, and Birth

    • Providing women and men with an educational overview of pregnancy, abortion, and birth
    • Enabling a confident choice by facilitating
      a thorough exploration of each course and providing answers to clients’ most pressing questions and concerns
  • Adoption Exploration & Navigation

    • Navigation of local adoption resources
    • Education on the process of adoption
    • Assessment of confidence in the decision to pursue an adoption plan
    • Customized creation of birth/hospital plan
    • Advocacy on behalf of client to all necessary legal, social service, familial, and medical representatives
  • Client Advocacy & Social Services Coordination

    • Reaching out to local organizations and leveraging pre-existing relationships with department heads, program directors, etc. to find the best possible solutions for our clients
    • Creating an action plan specific to their needs and advocating on their behalf to local agencies and providers
  • Medical Care Coordination & Referrals

    • Helping clients through the process of seeking solutions for their medical needs by advocating on their behalf to the professional medical community
    • Providing ongoing assistance and guidance to ensure that they feel confident and cared for (i.e., help with applications, phone calls, intake processes, appointments, etc.)
  • Family Mediation

    • Helping to explore and strengthen clients' relational support systems
    • Facilitating healthy communication between clients and their closest community (i.e., family members, partners, etc.)

Get Involved

“Intense love does not measure, it just gives.” — Mother Teresa


There are many ways in which students can be involved in the work of Viable Options—from organizing an information table on your campus to distributing education materials.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact us!

Invite us to your campus

We are passionate about equipping students with a relational response to unintended pregnancy. Reach out to us to find out how you can host a presentation, event, or info session at your university.

Become a financial partner

By investing your resources in Viable Options, you can help to provide solutions and care for your friends and peers and take personal ownership of something greater than yourself.

Financial giving is one of the ultimate expressions of care in the service world; and it can be as simple as forgoing one weekly cup of coffee.

Whether it’s $5 $10 or $15 per month, you can practically invest in bringing hope to those facing a pregnancy decision on your campus and beyond.




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