COVID Update

Launching Digital Services 

During this challenging and uncertain time, we are committed to doing all that we can to care for those facing a pregnancy decision while also doing our part to guard the health of our community. In an effort to meet these needs, we will be implementing digital services for the remainder of the year.

While our office will reopen when deemed safe by New York State and our onsite services will again become available, we recognize that public travel and in-person contact may remain a barrier to receiving services for those in our county representing vulnerable populations. Our digital services will mitigate these barriers, as well as the added risks of exposure by allowing women and men facing a pregnancy decision to receive care via phone or computer. 

When we all help one another, everybody wins.


Digitally Available Services:

*A functioning computer or phone with reliable internet access are necessary for receiving services digitally.
  • Pregnancy Decision Counseling

    Processing and exploring emotions, desires, and needs related to the pregnancy and identifying outside pressures. 

  • Education on Pregnancy, Abortion, & Birth

    Education regarding pregnancy outcomes and information about local options, policies, and resources.

  • Adoption Exploration & Navigation

    Navigation of local adoption resources; guidance on the adoption process; ongoing check-ins to confirm confidence in the decision to continue with an adoption; customized creation of birth/hospital plan; ongoing mediation with all parties involved (legal,social service, and medical personnel, family members, partner, etc).

  • Client Advocacy & Social Services Coordination

    Finding and coordinating resources and solutions based on practical needs, and ongoing help with appointments, paperwork, and contacting local agencies.

  • Medical Care Coordination & Referrals

    Finding and contacting medical providers, and ongoing help with appointments, paperwork, and intake processes.

  • Teen Pregnancy Counseling & Support

    Processing and exploring emotions, desires, and needs related to the pregnancy; identifying outside pressures; education on local options; help connecting to resources available for pregnant minors; and ongoing mediation with parent(s), teacher(s), counselor(s), and/or partner.

  • Family Mediation (with partner, parents, etc.)

    Helping to guide healthy and helpful communication with those involved in the decision process, or who represent part of support system.


Contact us:

  • 315-801-CARE (2273)

From the CEO

To read or download a letter from our CEO addressing the challenges presented by COVID-19, click here.

For Partnering Agencies

During this time, we are eager to continue partnering with our fellow agencies to serve those in need. Find below resources for referring clients to Viable Options®: