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What We Do

We exist to restore ownership of the decision-making process to women and men facing a pregnancy decision by offering education and resources that empower an informed and confident choice and equipping their community to care for their needs.

Pregnancy Decision

: The process of deciding between three potential pregnancy outcomes—parenting, abortion, or adoption. 

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit organization that is passionate about serving the North Country community and the women and men in our county facing a pregnancy decision. 

We exist to stand with a generation of women that, for nearly five decades, has been politically courted and relationally ignored.

We exist to advocate for the women whose thoughts, fears, desires, and needs have gone unseen and unheard, as those on both sides of the political aisle so vehemently argue for their rights, while often failing to help them navigate the complexity of the choices they face.

“This is an organization you can trust to stay true to their purpose and core values. ‘Our mission is to serve’ is a motto that has been repeated many a time in my ten weeks here. With such a humble, apolitical, and genuine base, Viable Options is not creating a service that is completely ‘new under the sun’, but certainly something that has been sorely missed.”

Summer Intern
St. Lawrence University
Class of 2016

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    Today, our culture sits entrenched in opposite camps, each pointing the finger of accusation at the other and striving to gain political ground and influence as the gap between ideology and holistic care grows ever wider. 

    We stand proudly in that gap with those whose greatest need is to be seen, heard, and valued for who they are—not merely for a decision they can make. Why? Because we believe that women are so much more than a political position and that pregnancy decisions are more than a political battleground to be fought over.

    While the polarization of the last 50 years has turned a woman’s decision into a moral contest, we recognize that, in the midst of that decision, she also faces real and unique obstacles which cannot be addressed by mere arguments or even legislation. 

    And although political and moral debate are important, they fail to provide solutions for the women in our workplaces, neighborhoods, campuses, and families who face a pregnancy decision and are unsure of what to do. 

    Viable Options® does not add to the noise of debate, but operates outside of it, restoring to our culture and community something that has been long lost—an approach to pregnancy care which focuses on the individual and strives to provide them a safe environment where their voices can be heard, their needs addressed, their feelings validated, and their fears alleviated.

    And like many of the nation’s leading nonprofits—such as the YMCA or the Salvation Army—it is our Christian faith that compels and inspires us to love and serve those in need. Although each person and corporate entity may be motivated by other means, we are passionate about partnering with any and everyone who is willing to become inconvenienced in their response to those facing a pregnancy decision.

    At Viable Options, we don’t operate in terms of “pro” vs. “anti” or “us” against “them”. We don’t advocate for candidates or political positions. We don’t defend platforms or agendas. Instead, we work to recognize the value and dignity of each person that walks through our doors and to restore hope, autonomy, and ownership to those facing a pregnancy decision through the power of simple compassion and care—alleviating the pressures in their lives which often cause them to feel that they have no control. 

    All movements start small, but with your financial support, we believe hope can one day be afforded to every individual facing a pregnancy decision in our region. It is communities that change communities. And today, we each have the opportunity to take the first step in becoming the answer. Giving is not where your involvement ends, but where it begins.

    So, whatever your role, be the hope in someone’s story.

    Give today.

Our Values


    • We believe that relationships are an essential need for everyone.
    • We will operate as a relational organization, leading with love, compassion, and preference to our clients, community, donors, and staff.


    • We believe that if something is worth doing, it should be done with excellence.
    • We will maintain a high standard of excellence in all aspects of our marketing, design, and service, and in our care for our clients, community, donors, and staff.


    • We believe that generosity is one of the greatest expressions of love.
    • We will be generous in all that we do, striving to always give above and beyond what is required as we serve and invest in our clients, community, donors, and staff.


    • We believe that integrity is a foundation on which everything should be built.
    • We will exercise integrity in everything we do, including the honest presentation of accurate and complete information to our clients, community, donors, and staff.


    • We believe that there is hope for every member of our community.
    • We will foster a culture of hope in everything we do and will actively seek to impart that hope to our clients, community, donors, and staff.

Our History

Viable Options® is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, formed by North Country community members who had a vision to serve those in our area facing a pregnancy decision. Governed by a local board, we exist to serve those in the greater St. Lawrence County region.

The initial idea came in 2009, when a handful of local individuals came together to discuss forming an organization that could effectively serve women and men by leading with relationship and bringing hope to the conversation of pregnancy.

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    With this heart to operate relationally, the vision for Viable Options came into being. However, it was not until 2013 that a board of community members was officially formed—and the following year we held our first fundraising gala.

    In the fall of 2014, the founding CEO, Josh McGrath, was brought on to make the initial vision for Viable Options a reality.

    It was under his direction that, in the early months of 2015, we secured a location at 11 Court St. in Canton, NY. Over the remainder of that year, developing the Viable Options brand, establishing a staff, training volunteers, and coordinating marketing efforts became the focus.

    During those foundational years, the vision for Viable Options was refined and truly came into focus. From this initial idea of meeting needs through relationship, a nonpolitical approach quickly took shape. This enabled us to navigate the polarizing conversation of pregnancy, and begin to unify our community in the compassionate care of those facing a pregnancy decision.

    Although motivated by different means, this approach allowed us to gather together—religious and nonreligious, political and nonpolitical—individual members of a greater whole unifying behind a common goal to serve women and men in a new and radical way: through relationship.

    Viable Options officially opened its doors in January 2016, and has been actively engaged in the community ever since.

    We now seek to partner with organizations both regionally and nationally to serve those facing pregnancy decisions, to ensure that each person knows they have choices, what those choices are, and that they don’t have to walk through them alone.

    If you're not already one of our community partners, contact us today

The patient’s right of self-decision can be effectively exercised only if the patient possesses enough information to enable an informed choice.

— American Medical Association

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